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DI Dr. Michael Weiss

Michael Weiss has worked in Austria as a  consultant, Trainer and Coach since 1993.   He is the founder of the Fokus Princip, a modern Toolset for company development  and is the director of the Centre for Action Learning Facilitation and Innovation KG in Austria. He has facilitated change processes for  a wide variety of organisations: pharmaceutical,, automotive, software, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and service companies  

Before becoming a consultant Michael was a manager for  BMW, R. Bosch, Knapp, RHI Group.

He has studied mechanical engineering and economics at the technical university of Graz / Austria.  He has trained as a Success Coach with Jack Canfield/USA, Quality Manager and Auditor for ISO9001 and TS16949, an assessor for EFQM, VDI Value analytics and is an ILM level 5 qualified action learning facilitator.

Publications: Several articles and a book about sustainability in companies and leadership



Christine Abbott

I first met Mike in 1986 when I took part in an NHS action-learning programme for HR Managers. Mike was one of the facilitators – I was bewildered but intrigued by action learning. We met again a year later as part of a Doctors and Managers programme – again Mike was a facilitator and I was a participant learning about myself, my work and my organisation through action. I was hooked and the following year I became a facilitator and have worked with action learning ever since.

I have always been intrigued by the possibilities of action learning and what makes it such a powerful process when it works – and crucially what happens when it doesn’t and how do we know?

As a practitioner, I am interested in the impact of action learning in the organisation and the organisational culture. I get involved with projects on professional development both with the individual and the profession and leadership development. Not exclusively – but most often – this involves the use of an action learning as a way of working.  

I have been a non-executive director and trustee of the Institute of Leadership and Management since its integration with City and Guilds, and before that I was the National Chairman.  I am also an associate of the Open University and Leeds Metropolitan Universities.