Case study Industries

  • > In 3 (1 middle enterprise, 2 large enterprises) industrial companies in the sectors of capital goods and equipment involved the optimization of products and processes to reduce production costs and to generate added value for customers (business models to ensure benefits for European production sites). Previous approaches have not worked.
  • > We worked for the respective tasks specific action learning intervention design to find in interdisciplinary teams with the integration of internal and external stakeholders and implement innovative solutions. We qualified Action Learning Facilitators and coached them during the implementation. Steering- and controlling teams were facilitated by us.
  • > Innovation projects that were not possible before, go. Interdisciplinary participants from R & D, marketing & sales, quality management, production and service agreements were for new solutions that previously appeared impossible. Team work was effective. Processes were efficient. Objectives were partially met earlier, sometimes you developed new targets with new insights into the causes. Teams sharpened their awareness of how to confront complex challenges in the future.