Case studies

Case 1 Industry
In 3 (1 middle enterprise, 2 large enterprises) industrial companies in the sectors of capital goods and equipment involved the optimization of products and processes to reduce production costs and to generate added value for customers (business models to ensure benefits for European production sites). Previous approaches have not worked. more

Case 2 Skills for Care UK

Skills for Care is a government supported organisation that focuses on supporting workforce development in social care
C-ALF are working in a long term partnership with Skills for Care to establish a national programme of action learning to support those workers in their first year of work as they put their formal learning into the challenges of practice. more

Case 3 – Hospital Care

The SHIP project is a programme that is designed to support hospitals and local government to work together across 4 regions in the UK. more

Case 4 – Local Government  

A local government region was undergoing great change as a result of outsourcing services and budget cuts.
C-ALF worked with the organisation to facilitate culture change and to explore innovative new ways of working that would deliver an excellent service and provide value for money. more